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Haenowitz Coffeebeans

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Here at SparksCoffee, we are dedicated to bring you different varieties of coffee beans from different countries in order to ensure that you, our valued customers, will be able to not only have choices in what coffee beans you prefer, be it Arabica or Robusta, but will also be able to try different types of coffee blends to find which one suits you best

Farming Practices

We ensure that every brand we work with abide by our high standards of ethical and ecofriendly farming practices. This is to ensure that every coffeebean we deliver for them to you, our consumers, will leave you reassured that our coffee beans dont only taste well but also were treated well.

Roast Profile

All the brands we work with have experienced roasters, that understands the coffee beans they work with and the most suitable roast profile to bring out the coffee beans' full potential